What do you think about creating SaaS for small blue collar companies that currently use Excel to track projects?

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a year ago

I think that generic project tracking tools have to compete with both Excel and every other generic project tracking tool, and would personally struggle to find meaningful competitive differentiation, but I think there is huge, huge, huuuuuuuuuuuuge opportunity for "It is the X business in a box" which includes salient projects for the X business and which uses deep understanding of their core projects to ROFLstomp over the experience of trying to run the same things out of Excel/Basecamp/etc.

Like, you could run a kitchen countertop installation business out of Google Docs and an inbox... but Moraware has persuasive reasons why that would be a poor idea versus just using Moraware. ("What reasons?" I do not have a high-fidelity model for them but bet I would if I did countertop installation to feed my family.)

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