What do you think is missing in the productivity suite market?

Is there a way for IT professionals to get more out of their work? If so, what are your favorite productivity tools that are currently available?

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5 months ago

Something to pull all of your tasks and messages together from every app.

Odds are, you’ve got personal tasks in one to-do list, team tasks in a project management app, and miscellaneous stuff scattered around other team apps you use (pull requests in GitHub, comments in Figma and Google Docs, mentions in Slack and Notion, and so on). You could set up automations with Zapier or something similar to watch for new tasks then copy them into whatever’s your main to-do list app—but that will only help with, say, the project management app, and is hard to get to consistently find everything you need to do.

And it’s even worse for messaging, where you might have messages scattered between multiple email accounts, a team customer support app, SMS, DMs on social networks, Slack, built-in chat inside other apps, and more.

It’d be nice to have a modern take on Adium, the turn-of-the-century chat app that pulled in chat from so many services, built for work productivity to pull in all of your tasks and messages together.

Alas, it’s likely too hard to actually achieve.

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5 months ago

The messaging space is such a mess right now... sigh

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5 months ago


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6 months ago

I use Todoist as my central app to register everything I have todo. I've tried several to-do manager and I love the flexibility that offers.
I really believe that the most important part to improve your productivity is not the app you use, is the process that you apply. I found that having a weekly review is the best way to reflect how you feel with your work (and your life in general) and plan for the next week.
I'm developing a webapp that integrates with Todoist to show you some useful numbers about your productivity and has an special place to register your weekly reviews. I hope to show it to the world soon! ;-)

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