What do you think will be the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on remote work?

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a year ago

I think we're still early in this whole situation and at this time I'm focused on thinking of the facts of our current situation and "things that won't change" as Jeff Bezos puts it.

For example:

People have been thrown into working from home all of a sudden but it's not business as usual at all. It's more like business as unusual. My co-founder Marie recently wrote about what's different about today's coronavirus work from home situation compare to normal remote work.

What's not going to change is that people are going to need work, especially with the incredible rise in unemployment we've seen in March 2020. Just wow.

I don't think we're ready to start predicting the lasting impact just yet. I'm taking everything in day-by-day and developing frameworks to help myself think about the future. But I don't think anything is set in stone yet. A lot of it depends on how long our current situation lasts and what various governments and companies do to react.

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