What do you use for employee cyber security training?

We require new hires to complete a cyber security training as part of onboarding (ie. use a password manager, beware of phishing attempts, etc.) Looking into some alternatives and wondering what people are using. Bonus points if there's an integration with Rippling (HRIS)!

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a year ago

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place in the digital world. It can be as harmful as traditional bullying and it may even be more damaging because of the permanence of digital media.
In order to do employee cyber security training, you should use a few different tools. The first one would be an online training course or video tutorials. You can also use software that will monitor employees' internet usage and send alerts when they are accessing inappropriate content. Finally, you could implement an anti-cyberbullying policy that outlines what employees should do if they witness or experience cyberbullying in the workplace.

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2 years ago

There are services out there like KnowBe4 (you can search online for other similar ones). In my organization (small startup), we just have our CTO prepare a PowerPoint which he goes through with every new employee.

It really depends on your needs:
* Are you regulated and need to show evidence of such training to auditors?
* Is this a one-off training or do all employees require to have a refresher training periodically?
* How big is your organization?
* Do you have an IT team (or cybersecurity team)?

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2 years ago

KnowBe4 is terrible, the product side is ok but the training they provide is horrendous and there for a complete waste of time.

I'm still waiting for organisations to realise that forcing someone to do some terrible training and recording that ticked box against their name doesn't help your outcome.

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2 years ago

Hey Stephanie, I had the exact same question in my previous company. I was looking for something easy to set up, that wouldn't be as passive as watching a video, and ideally something that would be personalized depending on the employee.

I ended up creating Albert (, the first cybersecurity companion on Slack. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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