What do you use to map out email funnels?

If you're building out funnel architecture outside of your email platform, do you use any other tools? Building for an ecom brand that has Kartra, so fine with doing it in there, but I wanted to archetype it external of the platform first.

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2 years ago

I usually rely on Miro or Whimsical for that.

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2 years ago

We've whiteboarded the emails we send—often finding it quicker to sketch the flow on a whiteboard or paper. Then we'll snap a picture and save it to Notion, where we'll outline the emails in more detail and add notes, collaborate on the copy, and more. Then we'll build out the emails in and maintain them there.

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2 years ago

Miro to create the journey maps, 1 doc to maintain a list of all segments with conditions and explanations for each, another doc with the actual email content with info about each campaign.

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2 years ago

Similar to @maguay, I've whiteboarded or sketched these on paper in the past. I've also used Google Slides, but I think Miro would work better.

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