What does the AWS free tier include?

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22 AWS services are always free, 33 are free for a year

Amazon Web Services—or AWS—includes fully free access to 33 products, along with a year-long free tier in 22 other popular tools. Perhaps the most valuable free offerings from AWS include SES which can send 62,000 emails each month for free, Amazon Chime’s unlimited basic video and audio calls, SNS which can send 1 million notifications a month for free, and EC2 which gives you 750 compute hours per month free for a year.

To get the free tier of AWS services, just create a standard AWS account, then your free tier starts whenever you begin using that specific AWS service.

Many of the most popular AWS tools fall under the one year free tier, including 750 hours per month of EC2 compute time and RDS database usage, 5GB of S3 storage, and more. Here is the full list of what you get free for a year with Amazon AWS free tier:

  • Amazon EC2 computing: 750 hours per month of compute time, using Linux or Windows on a t2.micro or t3.micro instance.
  • Amazon S3 storage: 5GB of standard storage
  • Amazon RDS database: 750 hours per month of database usage and 20GB storage, using MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle BYOL, or SQL Server on a db.t2.micro instance.
  • Amazon API Gateway: 1 million API calls per month
  • Amazon Cloud Directory: 1GB storage per month
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN: 50GB of data transfer out
  • Amazon Comprehend natural language processing: 50k units of text or 5 million characters processed per month
  • Amazon Connect call center software: 90 minutes of calls per month
  • Amazon EFS shared file storage: 5GB of storage
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage: 30GiB storage for EC2
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry: 500MB storage per month to store Docker images
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder: 20 minutes of audio and SD video transcoding, and 10 minutes of HD video transcoding, per month
  • Amazon ElasticCache memory cache: 750 hours per month of cache.t2micro or cache.t3.micro nodes
  • Amazon ElasticSearch search service: 750 hours per month of t2.small.elasticsearch instance
  • Amazon GameLift game server: 125 hours per month of c4.large.gamelift usage
  • Amazon Lex chatbot tool: 10,000 requests per month
  • Amazon MQ messaging service: 750 hours of mq.t2.micro broker instance
  • Amazon Pinpoint targeted push notifications: 5,000 free targeted users per month
  • Amazon Polly text-to-speach: 5 million characters per month
  • Amazon Rekognition image recognition: 5,000 images processed per month
  • Amazon Sumerian virtual reality and 3D: 50MB and 100 views per month
  • Amazon Transcribe speech-to-text: 60 minutes transcription per month
  • Amazon Translate: 2 million characters translated per month
  • AWS Amplify Console hosting: 15GB data served per month
  • Amazon Data Pipeline: 3 low frequency preconditions
  • AWS Greenglass sync and local compute: 3 devices
  • AWS IoT: 250,000 messages published or delivered per month
  • AWS IoT Device Management: 50 remote actions per month
  • AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate and Puppet Enterprise: 7,500 node hours per month
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing: 750 hours per month
  • AWS IoT Events automatic sensor responses: 2,500 message evaluations per month
  • AWS IoT Things Graph to connect devices: 5,000 steps per month

Other services include a fully free tier that you can use indefinitely, including 1 million Lambda requests and SNS messages, 10 CloudWatch metrics, 62,000 SES email messages per month, and 10GB of Glacier long-term storage retrieval. Here is the full list of what you can get free forever with Amazon AWS free tier, without any time limit:

  • Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database: 25GB of storage
  • AWS Lambda computing: 1 million requests per month
  • Amazon SNS push notifications: 1 million notifications per month
  • Amazon CloudWatch monitoring: 10 metrics and alarms
  • Amazon Chime audio and video messaging: Unlimited usage of Chime basic
  • Amazon Cognito user identity: 50,000 MAUs per month
  • Amazon Glacier long-term storage: 10GB storage retrieval per month
  • Amazon Macie content classification: 1GB processed
  • Amazon SES email service: 62,000 emails sent each month
  • Amazon SQS message queue: 1 million requests
  • Amazon SWF task coordination: 10,000 tasks
  • AWS CodeBuild software building and testing: 100 build minutes per month
  • AWS CodeCommit source control: 5 active users per month
  • AWS CodePipeline: 1 active pipeline per month
  • AWS Database Migration: 750 hours of dms.t2.micro instance usage
  • AWS Glue extract, transform, and load analytics: 1 million objects stored
  • AWS Key Management: 20,000 requests per month
  • AWS License Manager: Unlimited rules
  • AWS Step Functions distributed application coordination: 4,000 state transitions per month
  • AWS Storage Gateway: 100GB per account
  • AWS Well-Architected Tool to review best practices: Unlimited usage
  • AWS X-Ray debugging: 100,000 traces recorded per month

Additionally, almost every other AWS service at least includes a month or three free trial, including Lightsail, Redshift, SageMaker, and WorkSpaces.

Once you have used up your free tier or trial on AWS services, be sure to sign up for Amazon’s AWS Activate program which offers up to $100,000 in AWS credit—and use Amazon Business Prime to pay for AWS to get an additional 5% off each month’s bill.

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