What features would make a truly smart phone?

For all the changes that smartphones have brought to communications, all the devices from alarm clocks to cameras to dedicated GPS systems that they’ve replaced, there’s one part of the experience that’s hardly changed in a decade: Phone calls.

The iPhone launched with visual voicemail—something that’s still not supported on all carriers, and increasingly irrelevant as we’re more likely to text than leave a message after the tone. And now, Android can hold the phone for you, letting a bot listen to the hold music so you don’t have to put the phone to your ear until a human is on the line.

And that’s about it. In far too many ways, phone calls work more-or-less the way they did a decade ago. There are hints at ways it could be better, from Twilio’s smart phone routing and Skype’s easy tools to buy numbers around the globe, but there could be much more.

If you could reinvent the phone app tomorrow, what do you think a truly smart phone would look like? What would be different from today’s phone calls?

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almost 2 years ago

Video voicemails = videomails!
Why can we Videochat/Facetime with someoone but not leave a videomail?

Why, oh why?

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@maguay (replying to @NBNite )
almost 2 years ago

This, this is a very good point.

You're right: There should be a new take on voicemail for video calls (or even audio-over-internet calls like FaceTime Audio).

I guess the assumption is we'll just txt instead, but there should be a spot for a new take on voicemail too.

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