What have you found to be the best tool for creating mood boards?

I've created moodboards using a wide variety of digital tools(so far sketch being my favorite) but have yet found one that meets all of my needs those being:

  • Easily size, crop, move, and align images similar to any design tool (figma, sketch, etc)
  • Accept images from the clipboard(copy-paste)
  • Easy to add links to the images you add
  • Easily add video and gifs and other alt media / rich media like embeds if needed
  • Be able to export as a commonly used file type or share online i.e google docs
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a year ago

You're probably better off using something like Sketch or Figma + Notion and creating a space within Notion to group it all together since it has all the features you're looking for.

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a year ago

You might find one of the apps shared in the Best whiteboard app discussion useful—the most popular tools recommended there were Mural, Figma, Miro, InVision Freehand, and Screen.

Of those, Miro jumps out to me mostly because I've used it on team calls before for post-it brainstorming. In real life, we'd write ideas on post-its, then sort and organize them on a wall or window. In Miro when remote, we'd do the same but with digital notes on a screen, and it worked pretty well for organizing stuff.

Another tool that I haven't used but have seen recommended is Milanote. It's basically a visual notes app, but lets you arrange things you've saved on a board so could likely work out as a moodboard.

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a year ago

You should try Mural:

Its one of the best collboration and moodboarding tools out there.

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a year ago

It looks like Milanote would be a perfect fit for you. It does everything on your checklist.

I actually used it for a year, the biggest frustration for me is that it allows so much freedom but you can't really have the things you put in the moodboard evenly spaced, or making them respect some sort of masonry grid. That petty thing alone makes the experience not enjoyable at all for me.

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