What HR/Payroll Software do you use?

Im particularly interested in hearing anyones experience with Gusto or Rippling.

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2 years ago

We use Gusto. It works for our needs and is extremely reasonable.

We’ve explored switching to Rippling multiple times, but it was 3x more expensive and we felt that although they a more products than Gusto which just does HR, none of their products functionality was built out and met our standards. Another issue we had with Rippling is that they only offer email support and for our Team we feel more comfortable having an account rep we can call when there is an emergency.

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Seconding the Gusto recommendation. As an employee it’s a far better experience than other similar tools, and in an earlier discussion on Capiche about HR and payroll tools, @NBNite among others strongly recommended Gusto.

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