What inspired you to build a tool for coaches?

What's broken in current tools that you're working to improve?

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a year ago

It was a very classic scratching my own itch story. (Which is why I started MeetEdgar as well.) When I stepped out of the day to day at MeetEdgar I started doing some business coaching, but it was a casual side hustle so I just wanted one simple tool to manage the business - getting set up with clients, getting paid, getting sessions on the calendar. I could not find a solution that worked, so I made one! (

The biggest thing that's broken is connecting payment to scheduling. The current workflow for most coaches and consultants has payments and appointments as completely separate functions, which means you end up in situations where you've already provided a service that you're still waiting on payment for, or having no idea who has paid for what.

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a year ago

What tools did you use in the meantime to run your coaching business before you started Paperbell?

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a year ago

Acuity scheduling which does the scheduling part, but you can't do really basic things like track how many sessions someone has completed. Manual paypal for payment which is what a lot of coaches do and is a total pain.

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