What would an enterprise edition of 1Password look like compared to today's 1Password?

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almost 2 years ago
Today’s 1Password is already an enterprise product.

Today’s 1Password is already an enterprise product. We help over 50,000 businesses — some with hundreds of thousands of employees — to prevent breaches and make their workforce more secure. 1Password works as the foundational layer of an IAM (Identity & Access Management) stack, complementing multi-factor authentication and SSO.

Enterprises can deploy 1Password rapidly — as an example, one business was able to onboard 50,000 employees in just two weeks, so you can make an impact on business security quite quickly. We help companies meet compliance and reporting needs, and also include 1Password Advanced Protection, which gives administrators fine-tuned controls over firewall rules, delivers sign-in attempt reports, and allows IT departments to enforce two-factor authentication and set a Master Password policy.

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