What is Salesforce Inbox?

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a year ago
A tool to link your email inbox with Salesforce

Salesforce Inbox is a Gmail and Microsoft Outlook add-on to link your email inbox with your Salesforce CRM data, along with mobile apps to check email and followup on sales tasks on the go. It’s part of the core Salesforce subscription; as long as you have a Salesforce account, you can use Salesforce Inbox alongside it. Inbox will put CRM smarts into your inbox, and show emails inside your Salesforce CRM, so you can get the full picture wherever you’re working.

You’ll first need to either install Salesforce Inbox’ Chrome add-on for Gmail or the Salesforce Inbox for Outlook app. Those each add a sidebar to view Salesforce details beside each contact who emails you, and links those emails to their Salesforce entry so you can see all your sales conversations in Salesforce together. Its mobile app will also recommend people you need to follow up with, show your events in a calendar, and let you join conference calls from anywhere. And since it lets Salesforce see your email inbox, it will keep your CRM up to date if your lead changes their contact info.

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