What is the best Yesware alternative?

The time has come to find a new mailmerge provider—YW seems stuck in the early '10s. Looking for one with great UI, straightforward feature set (upload via CSV, an archive of past templates, etc.). Don't need tracking capabilities as that's never been a priority and the world is moving to a place where it's not exactly the best look.

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almost 3 years ago

MixMax has been great replacement. We use it across individual AEs and CSM, Support teams. Great for scheduling, using templates, and pre-covid we got the license fee down to $25 per seat per month. Not good for sending sequences and bulk outbound by BDR teams

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2 years ago

Outreach is fantastic but may be a bit of overkill based on what you described. @samantha____a, you're a big MixMax fan, right?

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@samantha____a (replying to @awwstn )
2 years ago

Yes! Big Mixmax fan. @tmakhija mentioned above that he didn't like it for sending sequences or bulk outbound, but I actually did utilize those features and thought they worked well. Our only issue was that it didn't sync as well with our CRM but we were able to work around that for the most part.

I also agree that Outreach would likely be overkill for this use case.

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