What is the hardest challenge of working remotely—and how has your team solved it?

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a year ago

The biggest challenge is the lack of organic "hallway" conversations. At first it sounds great for all communication to be very focused and "on point", but you miss out on some interesting new ideas - plus the social side of getting to know people.

Our team is less than 15 people, if we were in person everyone on the team would know each other very well, but because we're remote some roles don't have a ton of natural opportunities to connect. So we've created those opportunities. One thing we do is "lightning lunches" where one person educates the team about what they do, as well as a general chat opportunity. Again if we were in person we'd be overhearing each other's work and meetings, but that doesn't happen as naturally if you're remote.

So on the lightning lunch you might learn about how our head of finance thinks about projects and cash runway, how she determines those strategies for our company. We pay for lunch for anyone who attends as a little bonus encouragement. It's a great way to get to know each other and learn more about everything that happens at the company.

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