What is the ultimate sales tech stack?

We will do $150M in ARR this year and have 15+sales leaders. I want better operational leverage. How can we accomplish that by assembling the right tools?

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2 years ago

Outreach / Salesloft - prospecting and cadences
Spekit - enablement and adoption
Atrium HQ - for actionable insights (at rep and manager level)
Chorus - conversational feedback

That's a good start

Happy to discuss in more detail

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2 years ago

@stuartdsmith Atrium HQ and Spekit will help with the operational leverage goal / improving productivity per rep or manager. Can intro you to founders to learn more if you'd like.

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2 years ago

Powerful list. Do you also use Salesforce as a CRM?

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2 years ago

@TChurchie has Chorus been easy for managers to utilize for coaching?

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2 years ago

I'd need more information but happy to help.

What's in your current stack?
What KPIs would you like to improve?
Where are the perceived operational bottlenecks?
Can you clarify what you mean by operational leverage?

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2 years ago

CRM- Hubspot
Sending contracts/sales proposals- Pandadocs
For scheduling meeting- Calendly (Can also recommend chilipiper)
Audio/Video Calls- Zoom

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@maguay (replying to @siddxxvii )
2 years ago

Nice stack. Are you using the free HubSpot CRM, or paying for its marketing features as well?

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