What is your company using to manage all its SAAS subscriptions?

Seems like many of us here work or have companies that use 100's of products.
What are you using to manage all the subscriptions and renewals?
Are any of you using a third party service provider like Vendr or Buyer?

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From my own research, i have found out that a wide range of tools can be used :

  • A simple spreadsheet
  • Google sheets
  • Atlassian Confluence is popular
  • Sharepoint
  • Diagrams/Flowchart apps
  • Saas mgt tools like Blissfully/Intello

I hit the very same challenge about 2+yrs ago but nothing fit my team's needs, so I built a tool for that need specifically (disclaimer) called

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@maguay (replying to @darlabosse )

Interesting to hear Confluence and Sharepoint being used.

I could see using a spreadsheet as the most basic option, then adding charts for reporting, then a diagram/flowchart app to manage relationships and show which teams are using which software and such, then upgrading to a full SaaS management tool when your total volume of software (and corresponding team size) hits a size where manual management isn't worth it.

Which, in many ways, fits the progression of using much team software. You get by with a basic option first, then upgrade to increasingly professional tools as the needs grow to match the features offered. And somehow, everything seems to start with a spreadsheet, it's the lowest-common-denominator of business software.

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We looked at them all. We settled on Blissfully. Their team is lovely and the product works well and has some particular features we needed (like contract end date and renewal date and notice period because sometimes all those can be different, i.e. contract ends 1/nov, renewal date is 1/oct but notice of termination might be 1/aug) and a good integration. Most importantly, we could assign owners to apps, and it greatly improved our speed to do security assessments and document collection. We checked Torii (they've come a long way since a year ago) and Productiv and CleanShelf look interesting, too. G2 Track wasn't particularly great. We settled on BetterCloud + Blissfully, and I think that's working well.

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@maguay (replying to @jcfuller )

That's great to hear, thanks for sharing your experience! Setting a notice period would definitely be helpful. I do that for my personal subscriptions in my to-do list app, by setting a reminder for (say) 51 weeks after subscribing to an annual subscription so I have a week to reconsider before it renews.

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