What is your content consuming workflow ?

I am talking about useful article and podcast. Which tools do you use in order to capture ideas that you got or things that is relevant to you?
I am using notion to capture them and I believe their might be a better and quicker way😬

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2 years ago

Same as others - Pocket installed on all devices, reading session on the weekends on and taking notes in RoamResearch

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2 years ago

Instapaper is my favorite tool for this (and Pocket is pretty similar—as is Safari’s Reading List). Basically whenever I find something I want to read, but don’t have the time to read it now, I’ll save it to Instapaper. Then when I have time I’ll come back and read it in Instapaper. And when I am researching a topic, I’ll make an Instapaper folder to save all the related content in one place to read and reference together. It works for videos and podcast episodes too, though is best for longform text. One cool Instapaper feature is that if you have a Kindle, it can send all your articles in a fake magazine to your Kindle to read offline.

Notion can actually be good for this too. I keep a list of software I want to try in a Notion spreadsheet table, and then when I find another app to try I’ll save it to that list. Takes a little bit more effort than Instapaper, though.

Two other recent discussions that have other tools you might enjoy:

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2 years ago

I liked Roam Research for aggregating links by topic & date combo. I tend to skim over long form content and revisit them in more detail when I need to. While it's hard to recall exactly where I saw relevant content down the line, I tend to have an easier time remembering roughly when I first read something and made a mental note about it. Roam's graph ties this in pretty nicely, and I get a visual representation of how my thoughts evolved over time and through what content.

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2 years ago

Notion extension in Chrome/on iphone — then sorting manually to necessary pages. Can't wait for their open API update.

If it's not a browser-first content, then I simply forward the link to saved messages in Telegram, and put it on a corresponding Notion page (in case it is necessary for some research) or share it to my small Telegram channel or to friends.

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2 years ago

As a first inbox Instapaper. When I decide something is worth reading I usually highlight stuff that is then automatically synced into Readwise and thus it’ll resurface in my daily Readwise along book highlights. Can’t wait for the Notion API to sync Highlights with Notion for permanent keeping.

If I come across YouTube videos I usually add them to the watch later list.

I try to sift through unread/unwatched weekly and rigorously remove content that doesn’t resonate without feeling guilty about not finishing.

Oh, and Book recommendations are stored in a iPhone and Mac app called BookTrack.

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2 years ago

Agree with Roam Research as tool of choice for getting most value from content but Instapaper is much better for collecting (to later export full text to Roam). Readwise is also helpful for keeping old insights fresh through spaced repetition of previously highlight book and article content.

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@maguay (replying to @TylerWDreher )
2 years ago

Agreed, Instapaper's great for collecting stuff.

And if you read eBooks, the Kindle highlights (which you can read online at are a great way to save things you learn from books to then pull into any notes or writing app.

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