What is your favorite Superhuman keyboard shortcut?

I've recently started using the G+letter shortcuts to jump to different labels, and it's incredibly handy. What shortcut is essential to you in Superhuman?

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3 years ago
‘CMD+K’ & ‘E’

CMD+K lets you perform virtually any email task including moving email from one inbox to another, which is typically clunky in gmail

‘E’ this function marks email as ‘done’ and removes them from your inboxes but allows you to search for them later.

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3 years ago

This is the absolute superpower. I cant believe no one has done this before and resorted to complicated menus and hidden features that no one discovers. CMD+K makes me feel like a superhuman

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@maguay (replying to @abouelatta_ali )
3 years ago

I know—I want a command bar like that in every app now! Also love how CMD+K shows a preview of the keyboard shortcuts for most functions, as that's a great way to learn the app's features naturally.

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3 years ago
`E`, `CMD+SHIFT+i`, and `CMD+;`

E: Archive is sometimes my best friend.

CMD+SHIFT+i: Instant intro is super useful! Don't use it constantly, but it saves a good amount of time.

CMD+;: I love snippets in Superhuman. They are a huge time saver if you invest the time to write some out.

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