What marketing automation are you most proud of?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a slack alert for a new customer or a complex welcome flow that kicks off on multiple platforms. What did you automate and why does it make you happy?

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2 years ago

Most of the ones I've built are little things in Zapier that speed things up:

  • Personalize outreach: If I write a blog post that quotes a bunch of people or mentions several products, I'll list their name, email, company, details about why I quoted them, and anything else I want in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Then I'll make a Zap that watches for new spreadsheet rows and sends Gmail emails based on the spreadsheet. That way, I can send fully customized emails to each person to tell them about the post, with a personalized thanks and why I mentioned them, but without having to re-write the full email every time. It's more personal than doing a standard bulk mailing, and so much easier than sending individual emails.
  • Moderating posts from Slack. Capiche's onboarding asks new people joining the community to share a first post, which then shows up in our Slack. If the post is junk or random text or otherwise doesn't fit our post standards, we can add a 🚫 reaction emoji to the item in Slack and that triggers to send them an email to ask them to submit a better post. And, along with that, we've got a detailed onboarding flow in to help new community members learn how to use Capiche.
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2 years ago

Not really a full automation, but I have a Zapier automation listening to certain keywords on Twitter and pushing them to a manual review queue on Human Lambdas, where I can efficiently engage with them one at a time. Each action I take on HL triggers a webhook towards Integromat (Zapier doesn't seem to support Twitter Favs as an action) to take action on the tweet (ie favorite).

Disclaimer: I'm a founder of Human Lambdas

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