What Node.js web server framework would you choose in 2021?

In a startup, one needs to implement a product speedily whilst keeping it at a low cost to validate it. And I, for one, reckons there is a pattern of procedures from the design to development and shipping:

  1. Database table structure design
  2. Business logic design and implementation (CRUD)
  3. Common services (user, payment, etc)
  4. HTTP design and implementation
  5. Front-end and interfacing
  6. Product operation management and backend

After coping with a lot of projects, one may find step 5 the most difficult to standardise, the other ones seem to be more or less the same from project to project.

My intuition tells me that there should be some tools corresponding with such needs. Something that is more feature-rich than egg.js; something that comes with a standardised design pattern (along with the design database corresponding model, service or even API are generated), permission management, the data management and so on.

So... I came here to ask: is there a tool like this?

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MeteorJS is great for this.

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How do you find new software to use?

The market is bursting with new software, a lot of new products are launching every day. A few months ago I posted on Capiche about my SaaS idea. Your feedback is priceless and helped us to change...

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