What one thing do you like most about Basecamp?

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2 years ago

We own an agency and it just gives us an incredible way of including our clients and collaborators in the project management process. You not only have all files, tasks, and progress-reports together, you also have an asynchronous chat and thought-through notification-setting options.

We tried it all, but if you have clients that need to follow your progress and you want to collaborate with other freelancers at the same time, Basecamp is unmatched.

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2 years ago

The way projects and tasks are organized. It's really oriented at feedback and team management.

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2 years ago

There're numerous things I enjoy about Basecamp, but one thing that stands out for me is their unusual and incredible $99/month flat rate pricing. I couldn't quite believe it when I saw the pricing page. Unlike almost every other SAAS tool, Basecamp doesn't charge per seat.

The issue with per-seat pricing is that it penalizes you for wanting to give visibility to more members of your team, and it almost always results in situations where you need to make the political decision about who to give access to.

For a flat $99/month, you can invite an unlimited number of team members to Basecamp. As someone who is drowning in so many expensive subscriptions, I appreciate this so much. If we ever had to cut back our expenses, Basecamp would be one of the last we'd cut because the pricing is so favourable.

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2 years ago

It doesn't constantly ping me like Slack does, but does the same 'job'.

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2 years ago

Real solid attempt to make everything a coherent tool

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2 years ago

fixed pricing, no charge per seat

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2 years ago

The best communication paltform for fully distributed team. Period.

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