What one thing do you like most about Clubhouse?

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2 years ago

It's the best project management tool I've ever used. Speaks the project management language and has the right structure (a bit like Jira), but simple and easy to use like Trello.

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2 years ago

What do you think makes it stand out most compared to Trello, Asana, and

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@evschu (replying to @awwstn )
2 years ago

It's actually designed for project management (stories, epics, iterations, dashboard, reports) unlike Trello.

But it's also pretty flexible and user friendly. A joy to use really. I think that sets it apart from Asana. I haven't used

It's also modern and has good integrations (GitHub, Slack, etc), API, webhooks, etc.

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2 years ago

The inter-connection with GitHub has been great. Branches get attached to cards (work) when they include the card ID. It had made it much easier to track a cards status along with the progress of the code.

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