What SaaS has done the best job at customizing per-industry?

Some SaaS is focused on specific industries, such as real estate CRMs, while more enterprise offerings from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and more have thrived with industry-focused editions.

Most newer SaaS, though, tends to offer one-size-fits-all products, built to work for every industry. At best they include customization tools if you want to make them fit your business needs better. And now, some SaaS and cloud providers are starting to build out more industry-focused versions.

What SaaS has done the best job at customizing their software for specific industries? And is that the right approach, or is one-size-fits-all better?

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the first thing that popped into my head is unqork — they have been a focused low code solution for the financial sector. i have not tried and seems like they have abstracted themselves from that industry. i think every company does that. perhaps a lot of the times, SaaS products do focus on an industry/niche but they are too young for mainstream users to find and use them.

just recently Discord rebranded from the gaming-centric platform to a chat that's open to any community. I feel like that would be the path of Houseparty had they not be acquired by Epic.

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Oh very cool—thanks for sharing! I’ve often thought that someone could build a customized automation tool for each specific industry and do well, since you could customize the UX language and features specifically for that industry’s needs.

Discord is fascinating, as they embraced the ways people were using their product outside of the space it was originally designed for. Will be interesting to see if they try harder to take on Slack and Teams in the business market—or, perhaps with the ideas in this discussion, make industry-specific chat tools, reworking how Discord itself is focused more on gaming to have specific chat apps focused on different industry’s needs. Which reminds me that Bloomberg Chat may be the most industry-specific profitable network around.

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