What software do you use for editing podcast audio?

My background is in video, so I have tons of experience with the Adobe suite, but I'm just wondering if there's anything better than Adobe Audition.

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3 years ago

I'm biased, but suggest you check out!

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3 years ago

I wanted to use descript to edit videos, but the killer feature was removing "umm"'s etc. in the text editor. It didn't seem you could do that yet. Was I missing something or is that not available for video?

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@andrewmason (replying to @mike_seekwell )
3 years ago

It' available - but right now it will also edit the range of the video.

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3 years ago

Wow you guys have come a long way. Looks absolutely incredible. As somebody who has spent too much time in Audition editing out umms and ahhs, this is perfect! Congrats Andrew!

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3 years ago

Have recommended Descript to at least half a dozen friends in the NYC community who are working in podcasts. Holler if you're ever in town!

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3 years ago
Acoustica Premium Edition

Tried Descript in its early days — seemed very promising… — will try it again soon. 🙂

If you're looking for an audio editor similar to Adobe Audition but without a subscription and with better automated noise removal, my pick is Acoustica Premium Edition (by Acon Digital).

…Both for Mac and Windows. New version coming in a couple of months with Catalina support.

No, I'm not affiliated with them. 😉

If you want something similar, but for iPad / iPhone, this is the one: Ferrite Recording Studio (by Wooji Juice).

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