What software or category needs a new name?

Excel started life as EP, then Multiplan. Mario was called Jumpman at first.

Sometimes everything rises and falls on what its called.

Newsletters were almost passé until everyone started a Substack. No-code made everyone want to learn the basics of computer logic, even when coding sounded like an insurmountable challenge. Uber original was UberCab while Grab originally took off as GrabTaxi; both shed the legacy name to move beyond their originally more restricted markets.

What other individual software or software categories need a rebrand to take off?

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Asynchronous video messaging – bu how long before we're all Looming (to go with Zooming)?

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@maguay (replying to @VictorLai )

That’s definitely an unwieldy name for now. While it’s easy to joke about the Stories format showing up in almost every app (Excel stories, anyone?), I wonder if somehow that is the direction to go branding-wise for async videos. Stories for work?

Seems there is also a need for a category name for less synchronous chat like what Todoist is pushing in Twist.

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Don't think low code/no code is sexier than RAD. Suspect RAD tools just got too associated with throwaway prototypes that cheapskate companies and clients wouldn't throw away.

Same way everything is "plant based" because of bad associations with "vegan."

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@maguay (replying to @WhyPhilip )

Great point on no-code; that category shift still may not be enough. @bentossell mentioned something similar on SaaS Radio Hour about how the no-code term keeps it in a niche, and that it's an infrastructure change in software development instead. Any thoughts on a better term?

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@WhyPhilip (replying to @maguay )

I could write a lot on no code/RAD as I do a deep dive every year or two to see if it's viable for startups. One issue is that it is used to describe completely different tools/categories, which are often determined by pricing.

  • intranet apps priced by end user (most)
  • automation (Zapier, IFTTT)
  • mobile app builders
  • web app builders (Bubble)
  • MBaaS (Firebase, Amplify, Backendless)
  • GUI builders (UI Bakery, V One)
  • RAD (Wavemaker, Mendix, OutSystems)

And if you specialize enough, the line becomes blurry between a platform and an extensible app. Just look at all the categories at

As someone who primarily builds products, almost all but the MBaaS and GUI builders are too limited

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Blockchain doesn’t do it for me.

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@maguay (replying to @Gully1965 )

Interesting, and I’m not sure crypto or cryptocurrency works any better for the mass market. Got any ideas for what might make a better name?

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