What technology and tricks do you use to make your SaaS product demos better?

Hi Capiche community!

We've been working recently with our Sales and Product Marketing teams to improve how our sales reps demo our product. The demo is a very critical piece of our sales process, and we know a great demo in the first call makes our entire sales motion much smoother. We are feeling a lot of growing pains, and I am wondering what technology or hacks you use to make your demos better?

Today at Aircall we have ~20 AEs running demos of the product, we have to maintain ~50 integration demo accounts, etc. We're feeling pains around the overall quality of the product demo, setting up demos account for more complex use cases, making sure we control our demo accounts vs beta and new product releases, seeding our demo accounts with good-looking data, maintaining demo accounts for our integrations. We're already using Gong for review after the fact, but I'm curious what tips and tricks can help us in the execution of the product demo.

Any tips?

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2 years ago

I'm not going to provide any great guidance around technology. What I will say is this, follow Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 rule to product presentations. 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 font. And make sure you have a good digital whiteboarding tool like Miro or Vibe. Final thought, depending on your product and go to market strategies, set up your product demo accounts to take customer or POC work and use the same account for onboarding. A lot of useful information is set up in those accounts during the demo process that are lost in the handoff to Onboarding and CS.

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2 years ago

Often times companies treat their demo abilities as an after thought rather than a feature. They use some clunky ways to make the product demo-able, ask engineers for favors, etc.

Instead, think about it as a feature (probably one of your most important ones) and think how to make it scalable and painless. Think about how you would build this demo feature if you had 200 EAs running 500 integrations accounts. Good luck!

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