What the Heck is Customer Data?

Everywhere I look, I see companies talking about Customer Data — why capture customer data, how to store and analyze customer data, and how to build better products using customer data.

But what the heck is Customer Data?

Customer Data is a combination of information you have about your users and the data you have about how they interact with your product. It tells you who your users are and what they're trying to achieve with your product.

While it sounds simple, it gets complicated very quickly if your product, like most B2B SaaS products, offers a many-to-many relationship between accounts and users — wherein one user can be part of multiple accounts.

I took a shot at breaking down in simple terms what exactly is customer data and the process of gathering it. Here's the guide.

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Nice guide, @iCanAutomate, thanks for sharing!

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@iCanAutomate (replying to @maguay )

Thanks Matt!

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