What thing are most companies doing incorrectly with their social media marketing?

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a year ago

The most common thing I see is inconsistency and "going dark". Social media is a LOT to keep up with. Many of our customers are solopreneurs, and trying to keep up with all the different platforms is crazy-making. Many people decide they're finally going to get organised on social and will post for a while then burn out (MeetEdgar solves this problem for the record!)

Actually just this morning I saw a tweet where someone was looking for a business and I replied with a recommendation - but that business hadn't tweeted in several years. It made me unsure if I should tag them as I didn't know if they would see it. Also dead accounts can make people question if you're even still in business.

I always tell businesses that if they just used MeetEdgar to post something from their content library (usually an evergreen blog post) once a day, every day, they would be WAY ahead of most businesses. And spend a little bit of time each week checking in and replying. That's truly all you need to do to get a basic strategy up and running.

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