What tool do you use to forecast your organization's time and availability?

Hey folks! I'm looking for a great way to get a quick glance at upcoming projects for my design studio. I know a lot of these exist (Harvest, Cushion, etc), but I'd love it if it didn't look like a Gantt chart. Something more like a calendar (but not necessarily my calendar app) would be great.

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2 years ago

I created a Google Sheet to manage this. It's quite complex so I can explain more if needed but every person in our org is in there with a role assigned. The "Allocations" data side is handled with a Gantt style view but off that data the sheet calculates who is free and when and then shows it in various views. e.g. there is an "Availability" chart for each office by role which shows when roles are becoming free so we can plan our hiring and new projects.

There is also a "Potential Projects" sheet where you can put in new leads and the roles they would need and it lets you know if you can start without hiring or which roles you are short on etc.
It can help with things like % allocation and unbilled revenue (as each role has a rate card etc).

I created it because there wasn't a tool that did what I needed. was probably the closest but I found it over complicated and very expensive.

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