What user management tools do you use for your SaaS product?

We're looking at evaluating a few solutions and looking for a pre-packaged solution like Auth0 to be the central user management aspect.

Right now we're using a Drupal dashboard but want to get off of that and have a central source for users.

Ideally looking at something like Auth0 to be able to have the database functionality and then play nice with the rest of our tech stack like Salesforce / recurring billing tool etc + leverage Zapier if needed throughout the rest of the stack.

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a year ago

I am using Otka. I find it very useful for SSO, automatic provisioning and deprovisioning as well as managing license count. It has a ton of native integrations.

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a year ago

Auth0 but it's far from perfect. It's especially lacking in agency scenarios. What I mean by that?

  • multiple customers under one account (very limiting)
  • limited to one production tenant,
  • multiple apps under same tenant share the same Universal login (even if you choose to customize the Universal login experience every app still gets the same login look&feel),
  • if you want multiple apps under same tenant have different login UIs you will have to go with their Lock.js solution, custom code, makes scenarios more complex and you will not benefit from auto updates to their Universal login.

Auth0 works and is rather cheap but for me is very lacking. Yet I did not find anything better offered as SaaS. And auth is not something you generally want to implement&manage yourself.

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a year ago

I wonder what Capiche is using @maguay ?

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a year ago

@brgrz We're using Google/Twitter/LinkedIn for authentication, then managing user accounts internally with custom user admin tools. Works well enough at this size.

And anecdotally that seems common enough for early-to-mid sized SaaS startups. It's increasingly common to see Google Auth as default for new SaaS, and then as they grow into mid-to-large sized companies they'll switch to other authentication/SSO solutions including Okta and the like.

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