What was your experience as a first-time tool/SaaS buyer for your team/company?

I remember my first time suggesting, vetting, and finding a collaboration solution for an agency I was working at. We ended up purchasing Miro as our solution, but it started really small. I was the first to buy with my own credit card, I then invited my team, they loved it, had to ask leadership for the company card to get the smaller team on, and after a few months, almost everyone at the ~40 sized person company had an account.

Did others have a similar experience?

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2 years ago

Hello, good question!

I've notice the same pattern works best.
Get approval from management to try out in a small team. Then as the service proves useful, more people will adopt it.

Even in a small team there might be resistance in adopting new services and even harder, changing to a new service.
I "blame" it on human default to conserve energy - stay alive for longer. Especially if the work done is under high pressure. Any change to the "mechanism" - way of doing things feels dangerous even though we know there is a better way.

It's up to the explorers - Innovators to go check for alternatives, better solutions and then to get more of your team there. 🙌

What intrigues me is how a SaaS can infiltrate a company using the same principle.
Find a small team ready to try out new things - > provide value - > organic growth.

Have a productive day!

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@davidkylechoe (replying to @robertohanas )
2 years ago

Totally agree. People want to maintain what's been working even if the alternative may 'work better' – takes a lot of energy to shift that.

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