What's surprised you most in building a remote team?

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a year ago

I think the strength of relationships you can build in a remote team are much stronger than common wisdom seems to believe. You can build a relationship with folks that is deep and meaningful and still only see that person in person a few times a year. The strength of those relationships has caused people to move to other parts of the country or world to be near dear friends they have built at Zapier. It's pretty remarkable honestly.

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a year ago

What are your favorite tricks for building relationships remotely from everything Zapier's tried? I was always partial to pair calls even if they got hard to line up sometimes!

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a year ago

Pair calls are great. We do those via donut in Slack.

All our off topic channels start with #fun. So there is #fun-dogs, #fun-movies, #fun-parenthood, etc. All these channels provide a good outlet to get to know people with similar interests.

The team retreats are big too. Meeting in person really does create a special moment for remote workers.

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