What's the best agency/freelancer for making slick product demo videos (a la Product Hunt launch)?

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2 years ago

It depends as much on your budget as on your product (B2B vs B2C).

If you want the best consider working with production houses such as Basic but they come at a steep price (think $20k+ at a minimum).

If you want the best within a more limited budget, consider creating a basic animated explainer video instead, or do some of your own production / work with students from the film department of your local university and pull in a few of your users for testimonials.

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2 years ago

Yeah I think I'm looking for something in between - sort of like a really high quality freelancer or a micro studio. It's a SaaS application so the production is minimal, really more about voice over, transitions between app views, and possibly some simple animation. Thanks for the input!

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2 years ago

Cannot recommend the creatives at enough. Some of the best storytellers in tech - I should know, I helped take this company from 2 employees to over 40 back in 2012-2015. they've gone on to do great things. That's a different story for another day. Give them a call, let them know Andrew sent ya :)

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2 years ago

Sandwich is the gold standard, but prices start at $250k I believe -

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@itsjackcohen (replying to @MichaelxYoung )
2 years ago

Swoon - Sandwich is gold. They're Descript video is one of my recent favorites, but alas, too expensive. I think I'm unfortunately looking for a freelancer+ or micro studio. Rotato is pretty slick, but just for mobile to my knowledge.

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2 years ago

What kind of product is it?

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