Whats the best blogging platform that also provides comments

I'm looking for a blogging platform for my product. However I also want it to be a light weight support page. For this I want to make it easy for people to comment on articles and even have threaded discussion on pages. Bonus points if the customers can also create an account and post their own question on the platform.

  • Diqus is too dated.
  • Wordpress plugin system is kinda confusing.
  • Ghost is good for blogging but doesn't have a mature commenting system.
  • Netifly CMS same problem as above.

Does anyone have a good product for this use case.

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10 months ago

If privacy is not some that you are super concerned about then you may checkout - Works well with Ghost and is free.

If you are someone who cares a lot about privacy then you should check out - Works super well with most platforms.

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10 months ago

Our Crowdstack Pro platform does all of that. Happy to answer q's, and there's a free trial on the site: Has a deep member search/manage function as well as automation rules to make moderation easier.

(Sorry for the self-plug, but wanted to help if I can...)

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10 months ago

Wordpress plugin system is kinda confusing.
It can be, but I would consider WordPress + Discourse. You create support articles and the comments become a forum thread.

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