What's the best referral tool for email marketing?

Newsletter first media brands like Morning Brew and The Hustle have built massive newsletter lists on the back of referrals.

There are dozens of products out there:
- ReferralCandy
- Rocket Referrals
- Viral Loops
- Vyper
- Upviral

What's your favorite tool to manage a referral email marketing campaign?

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5 months ago

RefferalCandy has been great for my organization. Intuitive and easy to manage. I use to have several tools to accomplish all the things that ReferralCandy enables me to perform.

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5 months ago

I think Hubspot or any automation platform should work for referral campaigns. I use to pay for several tools that add rewards as every referral was done, but the reality is that the most successful campaigns, were the ones that give money up-front to a successful referral. So it's more the strategy than the tool (at least from my experience).

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