What’s the best software for vendor onboarding management?

We are trying to streamline our process of bringing on new vendors that we use internally e.g. Outreach, Drift, Clari, etc. any recommendations for apps that specialize in this area?

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@cdimick depends on what you're attempting to automate, so I broke out a few scenarios below:

-SaaS Management: tracking all of your vendors in one place. Recommend checking out and
-Security Review: to automate the security onboarding/compliance of new vendors, I'd check out
-Legal Review: contract lifecycle mgmt, worth checking out and
-Procurement: procure-to-pay, for bigger co's

These recommendations may vary based on company size. For example, Coupa is likely a great fit if you're 500 people with over 200 SaaS suppliers.

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@dimickce (replying to @Vendr )

This was incredibly helpful. So far is providing what we need for now but will check out the other links as needed. Thank you!

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Hi Claudia,
I'm currently working on, maybe it is the solution you are looking for? Feel free to share your email or ping me via if you are interested to try it. I'm happy to help!

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@Vishal (replying to @kyrilku )


Hi Claudia,

Prex can help you with vendor onboarding and streamlining the process. If you are interested, please ping me on or share your email.

Ps: I'm the co-founder and CEO of Prex.

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@dimickce, I am the founder of Prex and we can help you manage vendor onboarding and/or approval workflows. If you want to have a look at the solution,
I 'm reachable on

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