What's the best video conferencing app for internal discussions?

Three major considerations I have been using to evaluate the plethora of options available:
1. Effortless/non-intrusive: It shouldn't feel like a video call
2. Price: As this app would be complimentary to an existing video conferencing app like Zoom/Google Meet, I feel greater price sensitivity
3. Fun: Since it is internal it should leave some room for creating a casual experience.

Our favorite till now has been Around. A few good ones we have tried include Tandem and Remotion.

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a year ago

I personally use Troop Messenger.
Troop Messenger now introduces a one-on-one voice /audio calling feature.

The voice calling feature of Troop Messenger allows the user to place an audio/voice call for better team collaboration. It enables you to have a crystal clear and smooth conversation experience. Any team member/user of the application can initiate, or receive an audio/voice call.

For better information visit:

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a year ago

Have you thought about maybe having your own Discord server? You can have chat features and also video meetings. Once I was in a massive knitting Discord server and there were 15 of us just sitting around talking while we were knitting. And if you have your own server and you pay for Nitro you could come up with your own emoticons.

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a year ago

Its friggin amazing for what you seek.

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