What's the best way to export Kindle highlights into Notion?

I highlight a lot of stuff (mostly web articles) on my Kindle. Is there an easy way to have those highlights synced to Notion?

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a month ago

To date, I’ve only used the Kindle notes site (, where I copy the plain text notes out and then paste them into Notion or whatever other writing app I’m using at the time. Though that’s with books; with web articles, I tend to read in Instapaper. Do web article highlights show up in the Kindle site as well?

A less manual option is Readwise, which syncs Kindle and Instapaper highlights and can directly sync them with Notion (or Evernote and Roam Research). Seems like a popular tool, though in a recent Capiche discussion about Readwise everyone seemed undecided if it was worth its price. If your core use-case is wanting your highlights in Notion, that one feature may be worth it.

Another option I tried in beta but haven’t tried recently is Klib, a Mac app that syncs Kindle highlights and turns them into Markdown text, which you could them copy or import into Notion.

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a month ago

Readwise just launched a beta of a Notion integration!

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Readwise offers a Notion integration. It looks astonishing! Very beautiful and very useful. It’s expensive, though.

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