What's the best way to export Kindle highlights into Notion?

I highlight a lot of stuff (mostly web articles) on my Kindle. Is there an easy way to have those highlights synced to Notion?

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2 years ago

To date, I’ve only used the Kindle notes site (, where I copy the plain text notes out and then paste them into Notion or whatever other writing app I’m using at the time. Though that’s with books; with web articles, I tend to read in Instapaper. Do web article highlights show up in the Kindle site as well?

A less manual option is Readwise, which syncs Kindle and Instapaper highlights and can directly sync them with Notion (or Evernote and Roam Research). Seems like a popular tool, though in a recent Capiche discussion about Readwise everyone seemed undecided if it was worth its price. If your core use-case is wanting your highlights in Notion, that one feature may be worth it.

Another option I tried in beta but haven’t tried recently is Klib, a Mac app that syncs Kindle highlights and turns them into Markdown text, which you could them copy or import into Notion.

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2 years ago

Readwise just launched a beta of a Notion integration!

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a year ago

Hey @maguay, @anartam, @optemization, @JoshAJHall

Working on top of @jeffreysamjacob's library, we have built a beautiful and super easy to use chrome extension which can help you sync your kindle highlights to Notion in a few clicks and no setup required.

Currently, we are onboarding early adopters to get feedback and improve the product.
The extension is published on the chrome store, works on both edge & chrome.

Chrome store link:

A how to use guide(video)[2 mins]:

Would really appreciate it if you folks get a chance to try it out. It's free to use.

If you face any issues, you can directly email me at

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2 years ago

Readwise offers a Notion integration. It looks astonishing! Very beautiful and very useful. It’s expensive, though.

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2 years ago

I've struggled with this as most of the options are mainly for highlights made on books bought through Kindle, whereas most of my Kindle reading is of epubs/pdfs downloaded elsewhere.

Latest option I've found is this, which I'm about to try but looks good:

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@maguay (replying to @JoshAJHall )
2 years ago

Ohh great point—even Amazon’s own Kindle account page doesn’t show highlights from books that weren’t purchased from the Kindle store.

Would love to hear how that script works for you if you end up using it!

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a year ago

Hi everyone! I came across this post because @JoshAJHall mentioned my Kindle2Notion here months ago. I recently released an open-source Python package (and a corresponding Notion database template) that can take export all your Kindle highlights to Notion and I am currently in the process of upgrading it to a web app.

As of today, the program can do the following:
- Copy all your Kindle highlights and notes to a database in Notion on running with the Kindle device plugged into your system.
- Support for third-party books and pdf files along with the Kindle store-bought books.
- Each book is stored as a page in a Notion database; the result is your own personal bookshelf of highlights.
- Options to save the highlighted date, page and location details of each clipping.
- Option to fetch book cover for each book sourced using the Google Books API. Would serve as a page cover in the Card view of the database

Furthermore, I am looking to hear some feedback and build on new features in the coming months. We just launched on Product Hunt earlier this week and the feedback has been encouraging so far.

You can find the source code and instructions to get started here. Hope this makes for an adequate fix @tonykhue, @maguay.

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out again @JoshAJHall! I wouldn't have stumbled across this treasure trove of a website without it! It feels so good to hear your work get mentioned outside of your social circles. This served as a bit of a 'whoa' moment for me so I owe you one :D. I hope the package does the job for you too and am eager to hear back from you all.


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