What's the best Web App and Chrome Extension "Sync" you've seen? On the top of my head, it's Grammarly and Replug. A lot of them have awesome Web apps but suck at chrome extensions.

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3 months ago

Most Chrome extensions I’ve used that link to a web service work fine—Todoist’s extension adds tasks reliably, Zapier’s starts Zap workflows, and Instapaper’s extension is perhaps the one I use the most to save articles while reading.

A couple notable ones that do an exceptional job:

1Password’s Chrome extension lets you create and save new passwords, fill in your account data, and let you edit existing login info. You can essentially never touch the 1Password desktop app and still use its full features from Chrome, with it all syncing on its own.

Evernote’s Chrome extension is cool because it both clips and saves stuff to your Evernote notebook, and shows things you’ve saved to Evernote alongside your Google search results. That makes it easy to re-surface things you’ve saved without having to remember to open and search Evernote first.

Anything in particular you’re looking for?

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