What's the playbook for starting a growth team for an established company?

The company has been around since 2006. They have a good product and happy customers.

They want to grow.

Team structure?


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a year ago
  • Decide what the goal is. Revenue? DAU?
  • Make it someone’s fulltime job. A PM, engineer, or marketer who really understands your customer and who is focused on getting shit done is the right person. This person has to have a high degree of trust from leadership.
  • Instrument your product. You think it’s done. It’s not.
  • Develop your first hypothesis around what drives adoption/activation, and use the process of building & testing that to develop your first basic tooling.
  • Embrace the fact that 9 out 10 experiments will fail and build a culture out of learning.
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@adamdlurie (replying to @merci )
a year ago

Whats the number one mistake you see companies make when scaling their growth team?

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@merci (replying to @adamdlurie )
a year ago

Creating multiple teams with different incentives and ensuring an unhappy chaos.

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@sarah (replying to @merci )
a year ago

What tools do you recommend for product experimentation?

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@merci (replying to @sarah )
a year ago

We built our own at Slack, so I'm out of touch with whatever preference I'd have.

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@Noah_Lucas (replying to @merci )
a year ago

Hi Merci, thanks for doing this AMA! What decision making framework do you use, if any, to decide when it's the right time to build into new user verticals (as opposed to maintaining focus on core target market)?

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