What's your favorite 1Password feature that most people don't know about?

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a year ago
Travel Mode, and creating documents using the camera roll

For the jet-setting crowd, I'd say Travel Mode, for peace of mind. When you turn on Travel Mode, every vault is removed from your device except the ones that you've marked as "safe for travel." So even if you're asked to unlock your device at the border, you can rest easy knowing that your passwords, documents, and other information aren't accessible. When you arrive at your destination, turn Travel Mode off, and your vaults will reappear.

For iOS users, the ability to create Documents using the camera roll is a hidden gem and a big time-saver. In addition to the camera roll, you can use the camera directly, or pick a file from the Files app. And with the new document scanner in iOS 13 you can easily create PDFs from your paperwork that include optical character recognition text summaries, so you can store your sensitive information securely and make it available to all your devices.

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