What’s your favorite automation/integration tool? Zapier, Integromat,, IFTTT? How do you choose the best tool for each scenario?

The number of automation tools is increasing, and it's not easy to choose the best tool for each scenario.

I started using IFTTT some years ago for automating "banal" stuff like saving a song or my tweets. However, as the number of apps I use significantly increased, the need for automating some tasks increased as well.

The problem is: there's not a single tool for all cases. Last year, for example, I decided to automate a business workflow:
Get specific emails.
Extract file attachments.
Create a task for each file.
Upload the file as an attachment to the newly created task.

The only service that allowed me to do that was Integromat. Unfortunately, other services didn't offer integration with accounts. For getting a list of saved articles and their respective tags in Pocket and syncing them with an Airtable base, Integromat wasn't the best option since it can't get tags. I could have used IFTTT for that task, but there was a bug preventing it. Zapier offers just what I need, but the number of articles I need to save is high, increasing the costs.

I could go on and on, presenting more examples of how difficult it is to choose a single service.
How do you choose the tool? Do you need to use more than one service?

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a year ago

We've used Zapier extensively for years. It's fantastic for highly individual transactions. Support has been incredible. They've helped us troubleshoot spots where we were stumped with more complex zaps. For more batch-style automations, Workato has been our go-to. It's gotten expensive ($10K/yr minimum), but is automating 80% of our CRM data.

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a year ago

Hey Ana, Michaela from Integromat here :)

First of all, I'd like to say that it's always a pleasure to meet an automation enthusiast, soooo hi, how's it going?

Second of all, I'd like to inquire about your use case a bit. You say you were automating tasks and attachments, I totally get that. Could you maybe elaborate on the role Pocket played in this? I'm just curious to imagine the entire workflow here.

Also, Integromat's 'Get Items' Pocket module is able to get items by tag (you can check out this screenshot Was there some other tag-related action that you were looking for? Asking for a friend, hahah.

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@Staffova (replying to @Staffova )
a year ago

Just monologuing here like a crazy person, hahah.

Sooo, I've asked around and I actually see what you mean regarding the Pocket tags now. That sure is unfortunate. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll definitely pass this on to our development to see what can be done :)

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@anartam (replying to @Staffova )
a year ago

Sorry for the late reply. I created a workaround. In IFTTT, I save articles and tags in Google Sheets. In Integromat, I send article titles and tags to an Airtable base. It’s not perfect, but it solved the problem.

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a year ago

I've always been irritated that no one automation/integration tool does everything. If I had to choose it would probably be Zapier by a long shot. Other that that I've used IFTTT for some basic personal stuff.

Microsoft Flow blows IMO.

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a year ago

I don't have a favorite one per se because as you correctly say: it depends on the task.

For most things, I like Zapier as it's pretty much plug'n'play.

If I need more firepower, I really really like—requires a bit of JS knowledge though. If you can pass that barrier, it's 100x more powerful than most automation tools out there.

If I want to deal with SQL/CSV/files, I go to Their pricing changed and it's less affordable than it was but still a great deal.

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a year ago

Integromat all day long. Not sure there's much I could not build with it so far. If the module doesn't exist yet, I use HTTP request.

Recently realized it's not so easy to use for beginners, especially the most advanced modules. So I am launching a cohort course on the topic:

50% of it is centered on Integromat.

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