What's your favorite CI/CD tool that you've used either personally or professionally?

Professionally, our engineering team has gone through a number of them and it seems as if each developer prefers a different one over another. While most of the big names provide the same basic benefits...we've found there's a balance you need to strike with "ease of use" as well.

We started with GoCD which one developer picked up right away. It required significant time and effort to setup but once in place everything just worked...until that developer inevitably moved on to another job. At which point the rest of the team found the learning curve way too high.
So we abandoned it entirely for another big player in the space, Jenkins. Jenkins is similarly open source, which meant we could simply re-use the servers/workers we had and add to the pool as needed in the future.
This is where we're currently at and it's working for the most part but there is a lot of space for improvement as far as UI/UX is concerned. (Similarly to GoCD the dashboard is a little cramped and expects fairly backend competence to setup a build pipeline.)

I found Buddy to be the tool of choice for my personal projects. It's more than just integration, delivery, deployment. They have pre-made templates which make it super trivial to setup a pipeline and perform whatever action you it testing, deployment, or even just a script you want to run like a cronjob. It's so easy that it's almost inspiring...every time I'm in the dashboard I think of something new I want to try and setup.

Anyways, interested in whatever everyone else is using for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment!

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3 years ago

What cloud provider do you use primarily?

We previously user Travis CI, which is hugely popular among developers, super easy to use, but can get pricy depending on the level of concurrency you need. I highly recommend if the pricing structure fits for your business.

All our infrastructure is on AWS, so we recently switched to AWS CodeBuild, which has a similar, super intuitive UI to Travis CI, but came out a lot cheaper for us and leaves us with one less vendor to manage. Also highly recommend.

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3 years ago

It's brand new, but I've really enjoyed using Github Actions.

I think they did a really great job with it overall and it's been really nice to work with. Having it integrated and part of the Github workflow is really excellent. It lacks a bit of visibility into what it's doing, but I think that's mostly the young age of the platform showing. Otherwise, it was great.

We had very complex workflows all orchestrated with it including building Docker containers, running all of our tests, and actually deploying if certain conditions were met (we were using heavy GitOps so a commit to a file in the repo specified which version to deploy where). Github Actions handled that all with grace and provided great context on PRs.

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