What's your favorite Slack integration? And within Slack itself, any lesser-known settings that you highly recommend exploring?

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2 years ago

I'm likely biased after being on the Zapier team, but most of my favorite Slack things are Zaps. One I like that we use right now is for moderation; when new posts come in from our onboarding flow they show up in Slack, where we can add a 🚫 react emoji to moderate and reject posts and send the pending community member a message asking them to try again.

The Zoom or Whereby Slack integration is super handy to start new calls.

Donut is a cool Slack add-on to schedule random pair calls, a great way to meet people in larger companies/groups.

I recently learned that you can type /search followed by what you want to search in any Slack message box, which is super useful.

Then, settings:

  • The first thing I turn off on every new Slack group I join (except for my core work Slack) is the notification dot. I like seeing the number of unread mentions, but the dot for any unread messages from any Slack group drives me insane. So, in Notifications settings, scroll near the bottom and uncheck "Show a badge on Slack's icon to indicate new activity" to get rid of it.
  • I prefer markdown (even if Slack doesn't fully support it) to the new rich text editor, so in Advanced settings I check the "Format messages with markup".
  • I go back and forth on liking the mention notification emails. On the one hand, lets you catch up on mentions from your inbox outside of the rest of Slack. On the other hand, you still have to go to Slack to respond and clear out the notifications so...
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2 years ago

Thanks @maguay!
Yep - Zapier (along with many of the other connector apps) gives you so much control over automation.. it's almost worth asking what can't you do?
The Zoom integration is great (similarly, we use Uberconference). Never heard of Donut but love the concept!

I completely get wanting to shut off the notification dots - I've gone back and forth myself but there are a few channels that I do want to keep an eye on new activity. I've just begun muting channels that have too much chatter to solve for it.

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2 years ago

Yeah, muting is a great half-solution. In company teams, that's what I do: Keep the dots on, but mute channels I don't need to check much.

In just for fun/friend/random groups, I turn off the dots altogether.

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