What's your favorite software with a command palette?

I've been tracking the growth of software with command palettes over the past year.

To a degree, pure search tools like Alfred and Command E count, as does Raycast (an app to add a command palette to any app). and the help search in macOS, but the most interesting thing is the rise in command palettes inside apps, including those in:

  • Email app Superhuman
  • Code/text editor Sublime Text
  • Podcast editor Descript
  • Presentation app Pitch
  • Issue tracker Linear
  • Project management app Kitemaker
  • Universal search apps Raycast, Alfred App, and more
  • Writing app iA Writer (on iOS, anyhow)
  • Browser built for web apps Sidekick
  • Team notes app Nuclino
  • Data science tool Deepnote
  • Photoshop (albeit fairly hidden, as part of the help search)

Which apps am I missing? What's your other favorite software that includes a command palette?

(and then as a similar thing, there are software with slash commands: Notion, Almanac, Slack, Mixmax, and more, something that's a similar new software feature to find features via typing)

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2 years ago

Tower, a git client for the Mac, has a really good one!

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@maguay (replying to @DavidKaneda )
2 years ago

Oh cool, I hadn't seen their command palette yet. Nice to see they're continuing to improve on their polished git app!

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@DavidKaneda (replying to @DavidKaneda )
2 years ago

Correction... I forgot they released for Windows too 😅

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2 years ago

fman - A file manager for Windows, Linux, and macOS
WorkSpaces 2 - A program to launch programs, scripts based on job/activity
TaskPaper - A todo list manager
Onivim 2 - A graphical vim editor that runs VSCode extensions and is very fast
Keyboard Maestro - A graphical hotkey programmer

Generic Command Palettes:

Just to name a few more...

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@maguay (replying to @CustomComputerT )
2 years ago

@CustomComputerT Didn't realize TaskPaper has a command palette; that's cool to see!

fman looks almost identical to Sublime Text; that's wild. Comically I use Alfred's file explorer tools for basically the same thing, without a dedicated app.

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@ivmirx (replying to @CustomComputerT )
2 years ago

Alfred is amazing, I just installed it a month ago and now wish I'd bought it earlier. I've never got used to Spotlight because it feels too noisy and doesn't add much (I know where my files are), but Alfred really saves me time with all the custom site searches I made. Plus there are many 3rd party workflows for other apps (like "Create a new note in Bear") and for conversions like currencies, units, Unix time, or time zones – everything in one place.

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@maguay (replying to @ivmirx )
2 years ago

@ivmirx Honestly it's hard to imagine using a Mac without Alfred; it's easily one of the top 5 apps that keeps me from switching to iPad entirely (that, and iPad not fully supporting external displays, but I digress...). When TextExpander switched to subscriptions, I moved all my text snippets into Alfred, so now it covers search, mini-apps, text expansion, and clipboard history for me.

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