What's your favorite Zap?

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3 years ago

One of my favorite Zaps is also one of the most simple Zaps I have setup. I struggle to keep tabs on messages in Slack. If I don't respond immediately I often lose the message and the person asking me a question goes unanswered. That feels bad. So I setup a Zap to star messages in Slack and have it send me an email. Then I can respond to Slack messages at my leisure in an organized way.

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@nthgol (replying to @wadefoster )
3 years ago

This sounds like you should just ask people to email you instead of Slack!

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@ajherkert (replying to @nthgol )
almost 3 years ago

the circle of life in SaaS roadmaps... xD

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@preshdkumar (replying to @wadefoster )
3 years ago

this is awesome! Totally do this from now on!

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@shankarganesh (replying to @wadefoster )
3 years ago

You can also click the three dots that appear near every message and use the option to remind yourself of a message later. They also launched Saved items recently - that might be helpful too :)

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