What's your web dev stack?

If you're building a new website or app today, what's the core stack of apps and services you'd use to build, run, and maintain it?

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a year ago

Code: Github + CircleCI

Backend: Rails, Postgres, Sidekiq, Land

Frontend: Ember, React

Design: Bootstrap, Sketch

Infrastructure: AWS

Monitoring: Pingdom, Sentry, NewRelic (to profile a single host only)

ML: Python

Data: Cube.js, Looker + Snowflake (cost-prohibitive at small scale)

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a year ago

Code: Bitbucket

Backend and frontend:

some, php (legacy)

others, Django + pure css & pure JS


Design: Bootstrap, Figma

Issue tracking: Linear

Collab: RingCentral, Slack

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a year ago

Code: Gitlab with integrated CI

Backend : Laravel (REST) or Nestjs (GRAPHQL) + some type checker or code analyzer tools

Frontend : Vuejs, Svelte

Design : Figma, no CSS framework because I hate always rewrites components to looks like the design

Infrastructure : OVH + Proxmox

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a year ago

Code: Gitlab

Backend: AWS serverless python (API gateway, lambda, dynamodb)

Frontend: Kotlin, Swift, React

Issue tracking: Linear

Collaboration: slack

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a year ago

Code: Github, CircleCI

Backend: Java, MySQL

Mobile App Frontend: React Native (TypeScript)

Mobile App Automation: App Center

Web App Frontend: React, Netlify

Design: Figma

Infrastructure: AWS

Monitoring: Sentry, Datadog

Security: Very Good Security

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a year ago

Code: Github

Backend: Node.js, Express.js, Php, Laravel

Frontend: Vue, Tailwindcss, Bootstrap

Design: Figma

Infrastructure: AWS

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a year ago

Code: github

Backend and frontend: aws serverless, nodejs, graphql, react


Design: figma, material-ui

Issue tracking: zenhub

Collab: zoom, slack

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