How can you automatically send an email to an invitee when you add them to a Google Calendar event?

When a new invitee is added to a google calendar event then automatically send an email to that invitee. Does anyone know how this can be achieved? Zapier doesn't seem to have this ability.

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a year ago

The most basic option here is when you add a event with an invitee, Google Calendar asks if you want to send them an invitation. Click Send and they'll get an email invite to the event—albeit a non-customized email sent in the same format as all other Gmail invite emails.


I'm assuming you'd like to send a more customized invite email. For that, there is a way to build it with Zapier. Make a new Zap with the Google Calendar New Event trigger, to watch your calendar for new events (and to be the easiest, have one calendar that specifically only includes events you invite others to join). Then, add a Gmail action, and select the Attendees Email option in the Gmail To field to send an email to all of your attendees (including yourself). If you want to only send an email to specific attendees, two options include adding a Formatter step before the Gmail step to split the email addresses from the Attendees Email list, or to include your invitees' email address in the event description as a Zapier Named Variable.

That should do the trick!

Another easier option could be to use something like Calendly for your calendar invites, to customize the whole flow of event scheduling including the invite emails.

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a year ago

@maguay thanks for the pointers and you are spot on. I am trying to create a custom, automated video message when I add a new attendee. I actually figured it out with Zapier last night. I have to use a google sheet and trigger off of a new row added which can add the email from the email column to a specific event. Then, I set up another zap that also triggers off of the google sheet and sends my video email to the invitee. It's working well right now!

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a year ago

Nice, glad to hear that!

When you mentioned sending a video in email, that made me think of Bonjoro, an app built around video emails. Could be worth checking into if you want another option!

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@NBNite (replying to @PaJones )
a year ago

@PaJones - awesome to hear that you figured out a workaround here. Where there's a will, there's a zap :)

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