Where can you find good Shopify ecommerce/web store managers?

We are looking for a person or a team to run our ecommerce store (home furnishings industry), but there are so many 'Shopify experts.' Is there a site or service that pre-qualifies talent for this type of role?

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a year ago
Post a job listing on Shopify Experts

While it's not designed to find people to run your store, per se, the Shopify Experts site is likely one of the best places to start your search. They list Shopify Partners who can help with marketing, store setup, design, and more—and those teams may be a good place to start your search or ask for advice. You can then also list a job on the Shopify Experts site, which may be a way to get leads for potential people to help with your store.

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a year ago
Freelancers & Contractors - UpWork, Toptal, AngelList

Not sure I’ve correctly interpreted your question, but UpWork, Toptal, and AngelList are great platforms for finding remote, part-time specialists. While I haven’t formally used Toptal, I've heard good things about the product. AngelList is an excellent free job posting, recruiting, and ATS platform. The only downside is candidate quality. Not because the site hosts unqualified individuals, but because applicants flood all job listings and the automated filters don’t effectively remove poor matches.

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