Which Admin features are most valuable to you?

Particularly for comm tools like slack and zoom, and you are purchasing for a team, what admin features are most valuable to you beyond ‘standard’ user features?

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a month ago

These are my top 3:
-user permissioning (ability to upgrade/downgrade/remove/add users)
-toggle SSO
-storage/history for posterity

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A few things that are newly top-of-mind for me with software management for teams as we migrate to a new domain:

  • Export tools, which at a minimum should be in standard CSV format and ideally should also include a way to fully copy everything from an account to a new account in that same product.
  • Switch domains across the company. Say your company currently uses as your domain, and you later acquire and switch everyone's email addresses to the same address but at the new domain. Ideally the admin should be able to switch everyone's email addresses, and better yet do that without having to manually update every email address but instead by just updating the domain.
  • Auto-upgrades (perhaps with a budget cap) for software with metered items (subscribers, tasks, emails, etc) so your software continues to run even if you run out your cap this month.
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1) User roles - ie. customizing settings for a specific "role", and quickly being able to assign new users to that role.
2) Branding - aligning brand fonts/styles across an organization
3) Export/historical overview - maintaining records

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These are the top 3 things that gripe me about any admin portal

  • SSO
    offer SSO without requiring a higher tier of payment. Security shouldn't be paywalled

  • Simple billing
    I think Slack does this best, when you add paid user they add a license. If that user is offline for 2 weeks they stop charging you. It bugs me when I add a user on Zoom and it tells me I don't have enough licenses. I then need to go buy a license and then go back to the user I created and assign it. In the same regard make it easy to remove licenses when someone leaves. Slack does this automatically, Miro when I remove a user lets me easily adjust the number of licenses down.

  • Seperate billing email
    Allow me to send my invoices to invoices@mycompany. I've got so many forward rules setup because of companies who have to send the bill to me as the primary account holder even though I don't do anything with them.

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